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Building or improving Shiny apps of any complexity
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Group workshops and private tutoring
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Code review and optimization of Shiny apps and workflows
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Professional quality R packages and custom solutions
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About Us
AttaliTech was launched in 2016 as the world's first Shiny consulting firm. The goal was simple: provide a one-stop shop for any and all of your Shiny needs, while adhering to the highest standards. Today, AttaliTech is a global leader in providing top quality R/Shiny services and is trusted by over 100 companies worldwide. We take pride in knowing you won't get better quality anywhere else.

We're certain of it.
Our Values
At AttaliTech, we care about good code, good user experience, and doing things right.

We believe in developing every project as if it's your own, never compromising on code quality or end-user experience. We focus on more than just delivering a final product - we're always looking for ways to add more value to our clients. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing they can trust us to deliver clean, robust, maintainable code that just works.
Work With Us
Clients range from startups to universities to Fortune 500 companies
About the Founder

Author of popular packages shinyjs (featured by RStudio), timevis, addinslist & more

Creator of “Shiny Case Studies” course — an interactive, online video course

Invited main speaker at Shiny Developer Conference hosted by RStudio - 30 min talk

Second highest all-time answerer in the “shiny” tag on StackOverflow

Previously a software engineer at Google and top San Francisco startup Wish.com

Open-Sourced Shiny Apps
Take Your Shiny Apps to the Highest Level

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