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About Dean

Author of popular packages shinyjs (featured by RStudio), timevis, addinslist & more

Creator of “Shiny Case Studies” course — an interactive, online video course

Invited main speaker at Shiny Developer Conference hosted by RStudio - 30 min talk

Second highest all-time answerer in the “shiny” tag on StackOverflow

Previously a software engineer at Google and top San Francisco startup

Clients range from startups to universities to government agencies and large businesses
Sample of Open Sourced Shiny Apps
Dean's Credentials

MSc in Bioinformatics (UBC) • Bachelor of Computer Science (University of Waterloo)

Taught the ‘Intermediate Shiny’ 2-day workshop at RStudio Conference

Interviewed for Episode 16 and Episode 19 of The R-Podcast

Wrote an article for RStudio that is hosted on Shiny’s official webpage

Several apps featured on RStudio’s official Shiny User Showcase

Often in the top 5 Trending R Developers on GitHub

Official book reviewer of the book “Learning Shiny” (not an endorsement)